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Statement of Intent 

We are committed to a fair, transparent, and timely process to guide the issue resolution process for our clients and community partners. If you have a complaint or would like to dispute a decision in relation to the services you have received, we want to hear from you. 

This issue resolution policy and procedure aims to provide a structured approach to resolving disputes through a fair and equitable process that will lead to solutions that are acceptable to all parties. This policy and procedure applies only to the WorkBC Vancouver Midtown East and Vancouver Midtown West locations. 


We are committed to the following guiding principles: 

  • Providing a prompt and confidential response within two (2) business days 

  • Treating everyone respectfully and professionally 

  • Working together to resolve issues 

  • Maintaining ongoing communication 


Issue resolution 

There are two types of issue resolution: 

  1. Informal resolution resolved directly with the parties involved and local management 

  1. Formal resolution escalating the issue to a formal review process with executive management  


Informal Resolution 

Step 1 

If you have a complaint and/or are not happy with the services you have received, and you feel comfortable doing so: 

  • Discuss the issue with the person directly involved 

  • Try to work together to resolve the issue 

Step 2 

After trying to resolve the issue directly with the WorkBC team member involved, if a resolution has not been reached, the next step is to connect with the Manager. The Manager will listen, ask questions, and consider the situation. They will work with you, following the guiding principles, to explore options leading to a successful resolution. 


Formal Resolution 

If a satisfactory resolution is not reached in the Informal Resolution Process, you have the option to submit a Formal Complaint Form. 


Step 1  

Complete and Submit a Formal Complaint Form. You can do this independently or with the assistance of the Manager or outside party you feel comfortable with. 

  • The Formal Complaint Form is available by clicking the following link to access an electronic form: Formal Complaint Form 

  • Requesting a paper form in-person or via mail from the WorkBC Vancouver Midtown East or Vancouver Midtown West locations 

  • Requesting a form to be sent via email from your local WorkBC contact or   


Step 2 

The formal complaint will be logged on our internal tracking system. The Director of Operations will review the submitted Formal Complaint Form and will speak with the involved team member(s) and the Manager to gain an understanding of the situation. After collecting this information, the Director of Operations will connect with you directly to schedule a meeting to discuss the issue. You are welcome to bring an outside party you feel comfortable with. 

In consideration of the information gathered, the Director of Operations will: 

  • Address your concern in a fair and transparent manner 

  • Maintain records and document the process on our internal system 

  • Track and review all concerns brought forward as part of our ongoing quality improvement process to ensure quality client-centered services are provided 

  • Ensure a high level of confidentiality, only sharing what is necessary to conduct the review

  • Provide you with regular updates if the resolution process takes longer than five (5) business days until the issue is resolved

The Director of Operations will review any resolutions including related decisions regarding the resolution with you in the meeting, or subsequent meeting. They will also provide a written letter detailing the issue, resolution, and related decision(s). 


Step 3 

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of Step 2, you can request the issue be escalated to the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO will review the issue and all documentation and may set up a subsequent meeting with you before final consideration. They will also provide a written letter detailing the issue, resolution, and related decision(s). 

We will notify the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction when a complaint has been escalated to this level.