Hiring Incentives

How We Can Help!

If you are looking to save a few dollars, but are willing to put in a few extra training hours, consider a Wage Subsidy. Wage Subsidy benefits employers/business owners AND employees/job seekers. If you are an eligible employer, you could receive funding to hire new employees, recall employees who have been laid-off, and offer work experience and on-the-job training to new qualified candidates.  To learn more about wage subsidy, click here.

 In addition to wage subsidy, For New Hired Employee we offer: 

·                 Short Certificates Training (STOC). For example: ​Emergency First Aid / Standard First Aid, Super Host, Serving It Right, Food Safe and Basic Computer training etc.

·                  Job starts support – Starting a new job when employee do not have the financial means to cover incremental costs before receiving a paycheque from the new job. For Example: Essential Work Clothing (Dress pants, shirt, shoes, steel toe boots, hard hat, vest, gloves etc.); Essential Work Supplies, Tools and Equipment; Commuting for the first month (bus tickets, gas cards).