Pandemic Recovery Response for Reopening

We will revise and shift plan with continued monitoring of guidelines put forth by the province this will include further restrictions or loosening if needed.

Timeline and steps being taken to reopen

  • Midtown catchment is open for limited services as of June 8th
  • All PPE and sanitization supplies will be delivered to the site one week prior to opening
  • Plexi glass will be installed at the reception area prior to reopening
  • Signage and floor markings will be in place prior to reopening
  • The office will be cleaned and sanitized the weekend prior to the reopening

Office hours of operation during this phase of reopening, and staffing teams on site

  • Midtown will open for appointment only in person services 3 days per week, consisting of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 to 4
  • All virtual services will be provided 5 days a week from 9 to 5
  • Staff teams on site will consist of one reception, one resource room staff, two employment specialists
  • All teams of 4 will work for one week on site, and then be off the following two week with another team being on site, this is to allow for time to pass between returning to the centre for any symptoms to develop and present themselves

Client Access

  • Identify and prioritize those clients for in person services, those clients may include clients with a language barrier, disability and those clients who do not have access or knowledge of technology
  • Virtual services continuing, via phone or Zoom for those clients who are more comfortable with virtual services, or have the technology and capacity
  • Workshop cohorts will remain virtual through Zoom, one on one support will happen through appointment only
  • Continued access to virtual services for those clients who have health concerns or underlying health issues
  • Intake virtually continuing as well as in person via scheduled appointment
  • Training services also done virtually with in person appointment with staggered appointments

Centre Access

  • Screening of all clients accessing the centre will happen prior to the appointment taking place, over the phone when the appointment is made, and in person when they arrive
  • All clients accessing the centre will be provided hand sanitizer that they must use upon entering the centre, masks will be provided as an option to all clients
  • We will stagger client appointments so as to not have to many clients in the centre at a time and ensure that clients are not waiting for their appointment but are seen right away
  • If client comes in early for appointment the client will be directed to go away and return at the scheduled time as to not have clients waiting in the reception
  • We will not open the resource room in phase 2 to clients to use the computers we will only have access to those clients who need support in signing in for the OES system and to do intakes
  • We will provide access to job boards through links to clients and our virtual appointments through zoom and email

Physical Distancing

  • We will have clear floor markings on where to stand at 2 metre intervals
  • There will signage detailing the expectation of 2 metre distancing
  • One way travel will be implemented in the hallways and directing clients out of the centre
  • All staff on site will be working in a private office, nobody will share an office at this time
  • All staff meetings will be conducted in an open area that always allows for social distancing
  • When possible staff meetings will be conducted outside
  • We have caution tape around resource room desk to direct clients and to maintain social distancing
  • Our multi person washrooms will remain closed to the public, using the single occupancy only by providing a key at reception to access this washroom
  • All photocopying and faxing will be done by centre staff only, clients will let staff know when it is ready and that will be picked up by staff and placed in a designated area that consists of social distancing
  • All appointments will be conducted in the classroom or board room to allow for space to provide social distancing during the appointment
  • No more than 2 staff will congregate together at all times 2 metre’s apart
  • The resource room computers are distanced 2 metres apart with 1 hour timeout on computers to ensure client flow
  • Installed Plexi glass in reception to mitigate closeness with clients

Signage and Safe Working Procedures

  • Signage will be posted on the exterior window and door, as well as clearly visible in the center in all areas
  • All staff will conduct a daily checklist for symptoms prior to coming to work, if they have any symptoms they will not be allowed to come to work and will be required to seek testing for Covid-19 prior to coming on site
  • Staff with underlying health conditions will be dealt with on an individual basis, and will still be providing virtual services if deemed it is unsafe for them to be on site due to the risk
  • Signage around social distancing, washing hands and stating that if sick please do not come into the centre
  • Our website, social media, voicemails will also be update to reflect the new guidelines of service
  • Clients and staff will be directed to not hand shake and to wash hands frequently
  • Staff have access to masks, both cloth and medical, hand sanitizer and gloves
  • Maintain signage provided by WorkSafeBC and by the ministry to ensure consistency of information

Centre Hygiene

  • Continual cleaning after every appointment in offices
  • Constant wiping and cleaning of hard surfaces
  • Pen dispenser have only one pen per client at end of evening cleaning pens in solution to use again for the following days
  • Bleach spray used for hard services with wipes to use on computer keyboards and mouse’s and signature pads
  • Hand sanitizers available for all clients, all staff
  • No community phone available in resource room
  • No food or drink allowed in centre this includes the resource room and the workshops
  • Deep clean every night by our janitor to ensure the continuity of hygiene protocols

Organizational Practices

  • Staff input into the process of reopening, feedback around how the client flow will be as well as participation in acquiring cleaning products as well as PPE
  • Assessing and recognizing those who are vulnerable and encouraging them to still work from home open communication with staff around comfort level as well as underlying health issues
  • Staggered shifts
  • Staggered appointments, only 2 appointments in morning and 2 appointments in the afternoon with hour break in between to allow cleaning
  • Follow agency policy around sick time and time off
  • Encourage taking sick time when feeling symptoms of illness, take mental health days when needed as well as schedule vacation
  • Translation and assessment done virtually to maintain low numbers of people in the centre